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Here we are mid January and we have a litter of pigs due from Bracken again at the end of the month, which is brilliant. The goats are due to start kidding in early March and having had 6 of them scanned, we know we are expecting 10 kids. Sadly one of the girls who was pregnant is in the process of re-absorbing her kid/s which is a shame, but she is certainly none the worse for it and hopefully will come back into season and she can be covered again. The older girls weren't covered until December and so too early for them to be scanned at the moment.

Well, the "Farmers Country Showdown" is currently being aired and our 'slot' was on Monday 15th. We were really pleased with the result and have had endless lovely comments about it, which has been just fabulous. Derek certainly wouldn't want to do it again but I rather enjoyed it in the end.

The woolly side of things has slowed down, which was to be expected but having now got 2 lots of lovely fleeces (from the October shear and the January shear), I'm about to start sorting them in readiness to send off to the Mill. I am also introducing a new "collection" which will be announced in the Spring.