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OK, so I'm a little behind with the news and not only are we into 2019 ...…. its the 1st April TOMORROW!!!

The winter wasn't too bad as amazingly the grass kept growing for ages and so the amount of extra feeding for the sheep was reduced which was useful. We lambed the 3 Dorset Down girls during December and January and had 2 singles and 1 set of twins....2 rams, 2 gimmers.....perfect. The first tup lamb out is now HUGE and is definitely a show possibility, if I can just find time to slot in a show somewhere.

We had an all expenses paid evening for the Golden Fleece Awards ceremony at The Midlands hotel in Bradford in December. This was our first night away from the smallholding, which we thoroughly enjoyed knowing that the farm and livestock were in the capable hands of some dear friends. We did not manage to win the coveted Golden Fleece award, but were really chuffed to be awarded the Welsh Champion Fleece for speciality/knitwear.

The Faithmead Felt Fleece 'n' Fibre (www.faithmeadfeltfleecenfibre.html) has been quite busy and we've now finally gone down the popular route of COLOUR. The majority of the yarns are now dyed in some wonderful colours; some solid, some semi-solid/heathered and a few spacedyed. We're trying to get them all photographed and into the on-line shop, but its a bit of a mammoth task. Also, we have our first ever stand at the fantastic WONDERWOOL WALES at the end of April (www.wonderwoolwales.co.uk) which is a MUST to visit if you've not been especially if you are into crafting in any way, shape or form.

The first batch of sheep (the mature ones) have now been sheared and so busy sorting fleeces for showing, selling and to go off to the Mill to be turned into more lovely yarn. Its all very exciting and a whole new branch of the smallholding life. We've had an article in the Country Smallholder magazine appear and is all about equipment that we can't do without on the farm. Its very much US although I have absolutely no idea where the photo of the Stanley Range came from as its certainly not our kitchen, although I wish it was HAHA...

We lost our beautiful Border Collie 'Tash' on Boxing Day in a tragic accident. It was utterly devastating to both of us and we were torn to pieces by the event. However, a week later 'Tig' an 11 week old Border Collie bitch came into our lives and has helped hugely in mending our heartache. She's a cheeky, clever and very determined little madam but Pip loves her and so do we.

We've decided this year that its time to try and have a little more 'us' time and so because the Dog Agility has become quite a big player in our lives, we've bought ourselves a little caravan and will be trundling off for some weekends away playing Dog Agility. We have some amazing friends who look after everything here and being ex-crofters, they are totally on the ball if anything is amiss and so we have no worries about leaving the place in their capable hands.

In December, Bracken the Berkshire sow farrowed 10 lovely piglets and we currently have 3 running here and looking rather good (and tasty). Some new smallholding friends have taken on 2 for the first time and are thoroughly enjoying the experience of rearing them and learning all about a pigs life. I get huge satisfaction is starting off new smallholders to the world of home reared food, especially rare breed pork.

The usual batch of Sasso meat chicks will be arriving in April and so the freezer will once again be bursting with delicious chicken in the Autumn.

Four of the goats have kidded and we having some stunning looking kids this year. 5 boys to 3 girls so far but already 2 boys are reserved. Manuka is due to kid at the end of April and Belair in May. We still have the 'oldies' and who have come through the winter amazingly well although they were rugged up in the coldest of the weather this year. Dear old Bacchus the senior buck is still going strong although his counterpart 'Anubis' is definitely in charge and we have to be careful to keep them apart at this time of year. They act rather like rutting Stags and the young one will endeavour to take over the herd and fight to the death. Thankfully ours don't have horns.

So, the clocks went back last night and Here comes Summer (there's a song there somewhere )